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Transtel is a prominent importer of high-quality sound systems, loudspeakers, audio electronics and custom install solutions, based in Antwerp (Belgium).

Besides high-quality standard audio products and speakers from brands such as Monitor Audio, Arcam, Roksan ... Transtel also distributes a number of vinyl products for music lovers.

Our vision is to distribute high-quality products in a customer-oriented and service-conscious way. We have tried to put together a complete package of brands that offer just that little bit more and fit our philosophy.



Transtel Sabima was founded in the early 1970’s with a small production capacity for a very specific and limited market of audio-equipment. The company was actually born directly from the production of another well known brand: Rodec, which had started back in 1954.

Things really started to kick off in 1977 when Transtel managed to fetch in a very distinguished audio-brand: Denon. With this new partner aboard, the company came in a growth acceleration. Other high-end brands were added to our range in the next years such as Monitor Audio and Spendor. Transtel obtained the reputation of a qualitative and service-minded company. This expansion forced us to switch from location a first time.

Throughout the years, the emphasis was put more and more to Rodec. What initially started as a cooperation between just three persons grew to a production facility of about 20 persons. By this time, the production of Rodec had been commercialised and the Antwerp-founded brand achieved a very special place in the company’s profile.

In 2004, Transtel Sabima moved to its present location in the Duboisstraat, a facility that reflects every aspect of the company’s profile. Despite the growth of the company and the severe competition in the audio-market, which is still ruled by a few majors, Transtel Sabima remained loyal to its philosophy: always put the emphasis on quality rather than quantity, be service-minded and distribute products that are reliable, user-friendly and distinguishing. Moreover, Transtel Sabima is still managed by the family of the initial founders. So the spirit is set to last for many years to come!

On 1 February 2023, the distribution business was transferred to the new company Transtel BV under the management of new CEO Marc Leuraers.



Back in 1954 the music industry was, except for a few big players, a meeting place for music lovers and fanatics who found it difficult to find in the market what their ears or minds really wanted in terms of natural music reproduction. This situation resulted in a number of esoteric brands entering the market, with largely hand crafted “one/off” equipment, without being distracted too much by decidedly un-cool considerations such as pro-duction economies or even profit. ROger DEClerck was one of these fine engineers who initially designed and produced products for himself and a number of close friends, as well as making modifications to existing equipment to improve sound. He opened his first store in Antwerp where music addicts were more than welcome to live their passion.

The name RODEC was born, with initially a limited range of valve amplifiers, mono, and a number of specific “one-off” products, built on special order only. From there on, RODEC embarked on the design of a number of “mobile” units like the P418 and ancestors, that were mainly used at presentations, shows and fancy fairs as sound enforcement for public announcements.

According to the memory of those pioneers of the early days, as early production archives are non-existing, the first RODEC mixers appear around 1970, when the decision was made to offer a number of high quality preamplifiers which offered a most creative feature whereby one source could be faded out, while another source could be faded in. The audio mixer - as the workhorse of the DJ- was born!

These models were known as CU881, CU882, CU888 and 1572, each consequent model offering higher and more specifications than the previous one.

With these preamps a number of power amps were available, always within the same basic philosophy that sound performance and build quality had to be immaculate.

With this reputation of producing sturdy equipment, RODEC rapidly became the standard in many fixed and mobile music systems in the entertainment industry, being one of the very first to introduce a number of features which invariably set the standard throughout the entire industry. To name just a few, as far back as 1970 where RODEC introduced talk-over, gain per channel and equalisation, resulting in the final evolution in the mid 80ies to the MX-18 with triple tone control per input channel. This feature has since been copied all over the world up to the nearly identical frequencies as used by RODEC.

What followed is a series of DJ mixers including the flagship MX180 which gained worldwide fame and is still known as the standard by many professional users all over the world. With the basic philosophy of construction quality, reliability and sound performance in mind they introduced mixers for the beginning DJ as well as for the big clubs.

The range was expanded in the following years to include amplifiers, horeca solutions, vinyl accessories, compact, scratch, semi-digital mixers and even filter banks.

Due to the economic recession after 2008, Transtel Sabima was forced to reorganise production and in the next 5 years they tried to gain control over production expenditure in terms of labour costs, supply of parts and total availability of components.

Disposable mass production electronics have invaded the audio/dj market. The quality components that make up hand crafted RODEC mixers had become scarce, their sourcing unreliable and pricing erratic. The conditions for maintaining small-scale production at a stable price were no longer possible. This is why in 2014 it has been decided to discontinue production at Transtel Sabima.

About half a decade after the creation of the first game changing mixer, Rodec decides to build mixers again. With the arrival of Tom De Ridder in 2021 as the new CEO, the brand reignites its initial ambition of 1970: creating the perfect hardware to enable today and next gen customers produce their ultimate audio performance. The Rodec love for quality, engineering, audio and providing the best gear for the audio performing industry is secured.

Being an early adopter of the Rodec MX180 as a music producer himself, Tom De Ridder is passionate to continue the Rodec mission. In 2022, Rodec is back to become the artist's golden standard once more.

More info at www.rodec.com